Dear Lower School Families,


St. Paul’s Lower School teachers strongly encourage reading and math activities for all students this summer. We can’t stress enough the importance of promoting curiosity while keeping skills sharp over the summer months. Research has indicated that students who are engaged with reading and math activities over the summer come back to school ready to thrive and learn. 


Here are direct links to the summer work:

Summer Adventures for Students Entering Kindergarten:

Click here to view the Summer Literacy and Math letter with directions and an alphabet chart

Click here to view the summer reading and math bingo boards 

Click here for the Summer Literacy Packet

Click here for the Summer Math Packet


Summer Adventures for Students Entering P1-4th:

Click here to view the Summer Reading and Math letter with directions

Click here for the summer math IXL logs 

Click here for the summer reading logs

Click here to view the summer reading and math bingo boards


Optional Summer Work:

Click here to purchase the optional math and reading summer skills workbook for the grade your child just completed.  P-1st students may complete the Kindergarten workbook.


Japanese Summer Work:

Here is the summer homework for Japanese.  You will see the direction in the last 2 pages.  Enjoy working!!  By Kimura Sensei

1st Grade Students Rising to 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Students Rising to 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Students Rising to 4th Grade

Additional Summer Resources:

Click here for a list of recommended books for summer reading by grade level.  

Click here for a Maryland Day by Day Family Literacy Calendar.  

Click here for a list of engaging summer math ideas

Click here for additional summer resources

Click here for additional summer math resources, games, and websites


Don’t Forget!  

Email a picture of you completing your summer work adventures to or write a postcard to Mrs. Faint and Mrs. Horst. Tell about a summer adventure you have had, a place you have visited, a camp that you have attended, or an activity that you have accomplished. Mail it to St. Paul’s School: 

St. Paul’s Lower School

Attention:  Mrs. Faint and Mrs. Horst

11152 Falls Road

P.O. Box 8100

Brooklandville, MD 21022


Summer Work Contact Information:

Kara Horst                                                                         Susan Faint

Reading Specialist                                                           Math Specialist                                         


We wish you many wonderful math and reading adventures this summer!



Mrs. Horst and Mrs. Faint

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